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Allergy / Dietary Requirements & Disclaimer


  • Antibacterial Sprays and Wipes
  • Kitchen roll
  • Milton Sterilising Fluid
  • Sponges with scouring pads (replaced every day)
  • Antibacterial hand wash
  • Fairy washing up liquid
  • Mr Muscle oven cleaner

All sponges are replaced daily to prevent bacteria growth & distribution. Tea towels washed regularly and only used for drying hands. All washed pots and tools are left to drip dry to prevent any possible contamination, if drying the item is required then kitchen roll will be used. The oven is regularly cleaned using Mr Muscle oven cleaner & warm soapy water to remove any chemicals that may remain.

The oven glove is regularly cleaned and only used for my cakes; I have separate gloves for personal use. All cleaning products are kept sealed in a cupboard under the sink away from any food products to prevent contamination of any food items. All the above cleaning items are used in my kitchen multiple times daily when in use for working. All the above cleaning items and methods below have  been checked and verified as acceptable for food business use by Basingstoke and Deane’s Environmental Health Officer.


  1. At the end of every day antibacterial spray is used to remove any contaminants from all work surfaces, this is sprayed on to surfaces and left for 10 minutes to remove bacteria, it is then rinsed with warm water and dried with kitchen roll ensuring any remnants of chemicals are removed. This is then followed up with the use of warm water and Milton sterilising tablets to wipe down all sides which is then left to air dry.
  2. After each activity (mixing batches, crumb coating, decorating etc) all surfaces and tools used are cleaned with antibacterial spray or wipes and or thoroughly washed in hot soapy water.
  3. For all orders where there is a specific allergy noted or dietary requirement all items that are to come into contact with the cake will be washed with hot soapy water then transferred to a container to be sterilised using Milton sterilising products.
  4. Aprons & hairnets will be worn.
  5. All floors and hard surfaces (tiled walls, doors, cupboards, door frames, fridges, and oven) are regularly cleaned with a power steamer.
  6. Oven cleaning is once a month unless required sooner. Using Mr Muscle, it is sprayed everywhere within the oven, left for several hours then cleaned out using hot soapy water, it is then thoroughly rinsed to ensure to chemicals remain.


Allergy/dietary requirements are followed as required; all of the above mentioned precautions are taken to provide allergen/dietary free items to the customer to the best of my knowledge. Many allergen/dietary products are handled in my kitchen therefor I cannot 100% guarantee a fully allergen/dietary free product.  Although all precautions are taken, it is ultimately down to the affected customer/consumer whether to consume the product or not. Contamination can also affect the product once it has left the care of Baker Lou. Therefor once it has left my care I cannot guarantee  it has not been contaminated the care of the item is then down to the customer. All allergies/dietary requirements MUST be notified to the baker at the time of ordering the product. If the customer notifies Baker Lou of any allergy/dietary requirements after booking, the quote will be recalculated to support any ingredient changes to provide to ensure the item suitable for the allergy/dietary requirements.

Disclaimer – Celebration cakes – A copy will be handed to the customer to sign on collection.

I accept full responsibility of the ordered product from Baker Lou. This disclaimer is to certify that, I, the customer accepts the product is designed to the agreed design that was discussed at the time of ordering; therefor no complaint on design shall be made at a later date. Any loss, damage or contamination to the product is the responsibility of the customer and Baker Lou cannot be held responsible after collection/delivery.

  • If any problems should occur with the product, at least 75% will be returned to Baker Lou within 24 hours who will then decide further action. This process may include consulting another baker of the creator’s choice.
  • No refunds will be given however, a free product or discount may be applied to the customer’s next order this is down to the creators discretion.
  • If the product has been damaged in your care please contact 07710 894906 for further advice as it may be possible to repair the damage.
  • Any repairs needed due to damage caused by lack of care by the customer will be charged at a per hour rate of £10 on top of any extra ingredients costs.
  • The products should be stored in a cool location out of direct sunlight.
  • Please keep all fondant covered products out of the fridge.
  • If the product is customised to suit allergy or dietary requirements all products will not to be used will be confirmed by the customer.
  • All cleaning schedules, methods and a list of products will also be provided.
  • If the item has been delivered to a venue then the venue staff need to sign for the item to confirm the product is presented as images sent before delivery with no damage present, and the product is as seen in the provided image.



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